How to Tune Your Car for Spring

As you shake off the winter blues and begin preparing for sunny drives with friends and family around Crete, it’s a good idea to spring clean your car, so you’re ready for the next adventure. Not only can learning how to tune your car for spring save you the hassle later in the year, but it can also save you money. Read on below for some signs your car needs a tune-up, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our service center if you have questions about how you can prepare your Hyundai.

1. Visit a Car Wash

While you’re feeling the urge to clean up your house, you shouldn’t forget about extending that spring cleaning to your car. The freezing temperatures and dirt and salt on the road can do a number on your vehicle’s paint job. Taking the time to clean your car with a premium car wash allows you to have a spring tune-up that gets into nooks and crannies for a refreshing look on Omaha roads. If you prefer to wash your car by hand, be sure to add baking soda to neutralize the salt build-up and save your paint job.

2. Check Your Tires

It’s likely you’re aware of how quickly your tires can deflate in colder temperatures, but did you know sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure can help you save money on gas? When you’re interested in how to tune up your car, regulating the air pressure in your car helps you distribute and conserve gasoline better and maintain your smooth performance on the road. Even if your tires don’t appear flat, be sure to fill them up to the recommended psi, noted in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, and check the tire tread so you can replace them before they become too worn.

3. Replace Wiper Blades and Fluids

Next on your spring tune-up list should be evaluating the condition of your windshield wipers. The snow and debris kicked up from the road can damage your windshield wipers and leave streaks and gaps in the way on drives around Omaha. Replacing your wiper blades, topping off your wiper fluid, and reapplying any window treatments used to repel water can prepare you for the more rainy seasons and ensure your visibility on the road. Both wiper and fluid replacement are typically inexpensive and easy to perform at home for a quick spring tune-up.

4. Check Your Battery

Spring cleaning your car doesn’t just apply to the visible aspects. You’ll also want to perform a battery check and get rid of a dying battery before you’re left stranded. You may have noticed during the long winter that your car takes a little longer to start, so once the season ends, it’s a good idea to evaluate your car’s electrical system. Many mechanics and parts shops offer free battery checks to see how strong your battery is and can easily replace the battery if it’s getting weak.

5. Change Your Oil

Your engine oil is another sign your car needs a tune-up. Simple services like regular oil changes allow your car to maintain its long, healthy life, so your trips around Lincoln aren’t disrupted. On top of the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule, you’ll want to make sure you change the oil filter and take advantage of the fluid top-offs, tire checks, battery checks, and even tire rotation included with some oil services.

Explore Service Tips with Sid Dillon Hyundai!

If you have questions about how to tune your car for the coming seasons, contact us to continue exploring your options. For more signs your car needs a tune-up, pay close attention to noises coming from your brakes. Then, browse our service tips and tricks for other ways you can stay on top of your vehicle performance.

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