How to Fix a Dent in a Car

Pointing at Car Dent

Even if you drive as carefully as possible around Crete and Omaha, most drivers will end up with a few dents and scratches every now and then. But, did you know that you can learn how to fix scratches on your car and even small dents? Learn how to fix a dent in a car or a scratch in your finish with help from the service experts at Sid Dillon Hyundai, and bring out the very best in your vehicle in your very own garage.

How to Fix Scratches on a Car

Learning how to fix scratches on a car can be tackled in a number of ways. Take a look at some of these simple solutions, and check around your house to see what you have on hand already.

  • Candle Wax – If you need a quick fix in a pinch, you use a candle to fix scratches on a car. Clean the area and rub the wax over the scratch, but keep in mind that this is a temporary solution.
  • Super Glue – Superglue will also help to temporarily fix scratches on a car to prevent further damage, and it can also help to mask the damage.
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound – Starting with the lightest polish or compound, gently buff away the scratches. Move up to higher-grit polishes or compounds if needed, but if the scratch persists, try wet sanding instead to fix scratches on your car.
  • Wet Sandpaper – Clean the area and grab some 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Rub the damp sandpaper over the surface of the scratch until the damage is almost invisible. Apply a rubbing compound, moving to finer and finer formulations, and finish with a wax or paint sealant.
  • Touch-Up Paint – If the scratch is deep and past the clear coat, you can pick up touch-up paint at the parts department to fix scratches on your car with a perfect color match.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car

Now that you know how to fix scratches on a car, let’s tackle how to fix a small dent in a car. Learning how to fix a dent in your car is a little more involved, but you might be surprised with what you can accomplish yourself in Seward. Here are a few methods to learn how to fix a small dent in a car. For larger repairs, consider a trip to the body shop.

  • Plunger – You can fix a dent in a car with a common household plunger or a specialized car dent plunger with the right techniques. Place the plunger around the dent and use the suction to gently pull it back to the surface.
  • Hammer or Mallet – You can also ​​fix a dent in a car with a hammer or mallet. Working on the opposite side of the damage, protect the surface of the car with a towel and use a hammer for small dents or a mallet for larger dents. Carefully tap the dented area flush with the surface of your car.
  • Dent Puller – This is a more aggressive method to ​​fix dents in your car. You’ll need to drill a hole in the dent, lace the wire through, and pull the dent back to surface level. Then fill the hole you’ve created, sand it smooth, and paint it.

Get Expert Car Care at Sid Dillon Hyundai

We’ve gone through the basics of how to fix a dent in a car and how to cover scratches, but if you’d prefer the expert’s touch, contact us at Sid Dillon Hyundai or schedule your appointment today.

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